Should You Get a Standing Desk? And Other Random Questions

by Andrew Lisa

If you're an entrepreneur, you're always on a mission to increase productivity and decrease spending. You've branched out on your own, you've perfected your sales techniques and you're working on building your brand. You might think you've got all the bases covered, but ask yourself the following questions to double check that you're not missing opportunities to enhance productivity even further. (Extra credit to employees who ask themselves these questions, too!)

A standing desk can reduce the problems associated with sitting in front of a computer all day.

Should I Get a Standing Desk?

For many people, the idea of standing while working is borderline crazy when there is an option to sit. But check out the following article: "Making Time Stand Still: How Standing Prevents Aging." The author presents some very strong evidence that standing slows the aging process. It is widely agreed upon by the scientific and health communities that a sedentary lifestyle is horrible for your health. Entrepreneurs and many salespeople and other employees are doomed to work long hours. A standing desk could be a good place to start.

Should I Get a VoIP System?

If you communicate over the phone and use multimedia like teleconferencing or video chat, do yourself a favor and consider voice over Internet protocol. VoIP technology uses the Internet for phone calls, chat, messages, video and just about every other form of communication. Because it doesn't rely on the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN), there is no expensive hardware to set up or maintain. VoIP-to-VoIP calling is free. It comes with a whole menu of features that would otherwise cost extra, and the pay structure is for one flat rate, not arbitrary and expensive long-distance and international charges.

Should I Take a Course in Social Media?

A successful marketing campaign has to contain a social media element. Business marketing on social media requires a strategy based on targeted research. You're not just posting to Facebook when you have something to say, like you do for your personal account. Social media marketing is a skill – a learned skill. Consider taking a course. You don't have to work toward a degree; just a few classes (which can be found for free online) can take your online presence to a level that matches the professionalism of your sales techniques.

Should I Get a Hybrid Computer?

Although still new enough to be considered novelties among many consumers, hybrids are on the cutting edge of computer technology – and as an entrepreneur, you must be also. Hybrids were playthings for people with more than one computer until very recently. But now the higher-end version of these laptop/tablet combos, like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, are promising to be the only computer you need, comparable to even top-of-the line laptops – only with removable tablets and touchscreen capabilities.

A VoIP phone network could save you money and increase productivity.

As an entrepreneur, you can never stop improving. Ask yourself if you're doing everything you can to get ahead – physically, technologically and strategically.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance business writer. He covers small business management and digital marketing.

Asking and answer the questions outlined above will help lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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