Be the devil’s advocate as you study the promising aspects of new technology and before you blindly incorporate artificial intelligence. As with any new development, AI offers some elements that require careful thought.

Watching the online videos about robots and all they can do can easily trick us into thinking our job will soon disappear. Questions also come into mind about the monitoring of ethics in the industry. One significant dilemma is, will artificial intelligence take away the need for salespeople?

My Story: Study And Incorporate Artificial Intelligence

One standout sales mantra is, ‘people buy from people they know, like, and trust.’ While we tend to buy more and more online, we also grow loyal to the suppliers who provide excellent service. And corporate sales will always benefit from a professional sales staff that is trained to humanize the conversation.

Most of us have experienced the annoying robotic calls and somewhat helpful chatbots. While time efficiencies are the expectation, in many cases, the add-ons are annoying.

Successful software design is to efficiently enable users, and improve the branding effort with a reach extending to larger audiences. For an example of why to embrace new technology, read my laugh-out-loud story about long ago: Are Opportunities Disappearing From the Sales Funnel? 

‘More often, it is the human voice that will soothe concerns and direct the buyer to a better solution.’

Those wanting to perform well will do themselves a favor by dedicating time each day on researching the new. It’s easy to push aside the study, but making that a habit will cause one’s career or business to deteriorate quickly.

When meeting with clientele, it is always helpful to ask upfront about how they perceive new industry trends. Consider these questions:

  • Are you implementing change today or considering it for the near future
  • What types of changes are under consideration
  • How do you believe the latest trends will improve your business?

By asking these types of questions, prospects see you as putting their interests first. They will then be more likely to share what they believe and how they are implementing the new. As we hear the answers, we are in a better position to pinpoint questions that direct a more serious consideration of what we have to sell.

For more insight read:

Today, GetCiara is incorporating new tech with CRM systems. Representatives can have sales playbook pointers included within their notes to enhance phone calls. Sales leaders, including myself, were asked to provide playbook tips for the representatives. The purpose is to progress through the sales cycle with prospects effectively. 

The Nice Girls playbook is not a script.  It contains reminders of the steps to take throughout the sales cycle, and includes tips for effective follow-up. The human touch is to work harmoniously with the software. Nice Girls (People) DO Get The Sales playbook is available by clicking this link. 

Your Story: Study And Incorporate Artificial Intelligence?

For a minute, consider these two opposing scenarios to decide which is more appealing:

  1. There are those of the older generation who do not own a mobile phone, messaging is out of the question, a Google Search is rare, and social media is a stratosphere away. They are slowly losing track of the outside world.
  2. On the opposite end, many seniors diligently keep abreast of the latest and have engaging conversations while growing thriving businesses.

Should you decide to commit to continuing learning, the next step is to determine how much of the new technology makes sense for you. Individual thinking and unique careers have each of us on different paths. So the decision is yours to make.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Do sales need to grow
  2. Is there new technology that will help with efficiencies
  3. Are you striving to build and maintain relationships with each contact?

As you project being up to date on the latest developments, credibility, and trust develop to the point of client loyalty. It is the professionally personal relationships that provide client loyalty in terms of repeat business, referrals, and testimonials.

Sales Tips: Will you study and incorporate artificial intelligence?
  1. Commit to remaining up to date on new developments
  2. Question how you may implement the latest technology while remaining authentic
  3. When concerns arise, ask questions to decide whether to keep or discard
  4. Create a peer group to exchange ideas and motivate one another
  5. Research comparisons of developers
  6. Study questions of ethics and rules of privacy before implementing the new
  7. Ask yourself how you would feel if you wee the recipient in this mode
  8. Ensure all additions complement your style and procedures in place
  9. Ask clientele for feedback and suggestions
  10. Celebrate Success!

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