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Charisma and leadership seem to come naturally for some. When these people are spotted, we support them as time allows, and usually without being asked. The problem arises when the rest of us attempt to build something unique, but neither reciprocity or support come our way. I wonder if the people we initially see as charismatic leaders are merely egotistical and who crave to be in the limelight?

Last week, I wrote about the blog “8 Signs It’s Time to Find Improved Partnerships”. Coincidentally, some people wrote after the fact that they too, were deeply troubled by the lack of reciprocation and even respect upon providing their announcement for future growth.

Tomorrow is a blank canvas, paint your vision today.

My Story

Through the years, both personally and professionally, I’ve seen people convinced that their role in life was to serve others. They did not have the backbone to stand up and say, “I need to move on to find my own true worth”. Unfortunately, some confessed they were leading unfulfilling lives, and the tone of voice was unhappy.

A common theme heard is that we each have greatness within us. It’s our duty to allow our unique strength to appear in the world. Rarely is this easy for anyone, so the question becomes one of motivation. My attitude is, I’d rather try on my own and fail than never try, and instead behave as a servant to another.

The improved solution is that of supportive collaboration whereby everyone involved promotes and supports one another. Finding the right group increases self-esteem and influences your power branding program. You may learn more about building brand recognition in my book, The Wish: A 360 Business Development Process that Fuels Sales.

Your Story

At year-end, most people struggle with the idea of what the New Year may hold. Motivation or a lack of know-how to get started with an entirely new plan promotes fear instead of excitement. Now is the perfect time to begin planning for tomorrow and into the future to allow your greatness shine.

Answer these questions:

  • Do you have a deep down desire to achieve something of greatness?
  • Is a vision already in place for how that may appear one day?
  • Is it time to get processes in place to make it happen?

For some, the answer is a career change, and for others, it is advanced education. And if you do not have a supportive group nearby or within a phone call away, joining the right community can do wonders for turning your dilemma around.

Just in case you are seeking support and possible help with sales and business development, I will be launching the Smooth Sale Community online in mid-January, with details on the website. A newsletter is forthcoming this week detailing all that’s involved. When the site is ready, it will be announced in an upcoming blog.

In the meantime, let me know the questions you would like to have answered regarding business development and sales. You may email me with the subject line, Questions About Sales, and I promise to reply ASAP.

Sales Tips:

1. Check your excitement meter for what you wish you could do.

2. Ask yourself if what you wish is not practical, or somehow possibly doable.

3. Upon thinking about that special something, check your excitement meter again to see if the rating is increasing.

4. As the meter needle heads to the right, begin planning what you can do to make that special something some to life.

5. Create your vision for the New Year.

6. Put milestones in place to achieve the vision.

7. List the education you might need.

8. Check with peers if they have experience and ask for advice.

9. Consider joining the Smooth Sale Community on January 16 to be among like-minded peers.

10. Celebrate success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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