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Methods for doing business have increasingly become more complex.  By focusing on being efficient and effective as we work on business development and sales, it’s wise to consider incorporating some of the latest technology for assistance.  The continuity of building relationships with prospects and clients and adapting to the new will put you on the path to a winning sales process.


4 Ways Automation Can Boost Your Sales Process:

The digital age is characterized by automation. The process of automation steps can help you save time, reduce human error and enhance your business efficiencies. According to a survey, 60% of global business leaders are steering towards including automated processes into various components of their business’s operations – especially in sales. So, how can you implement an automation strategy to help your business’s sales? Here are four ways to automate your sales processes.  

Prioritizing and Scoring Your Leads           

The leads your business generates serve various purposes. Some leads will make instant purchases, while others may express a future intent to buy from you. Therefore, you may miss out on a lot if you address these two leads with the same strategy. However, it can be challenging to differentiate one lead from another, particularly when you do not have enough time to nurture every lead. With the help of automated solutions, you can rely on a lead scoring system. The lead scoring system monitors a lead when they engage content, digest an email, and interact with your company in a way that suggests their purchasing intent to score points.

Efficient and Personalized Communication

Emails are not out of style, and they serve as an effective way to communicate- especially with your customers. And customers love the personal touch in communication between them and your business. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep up with the dozens of email conversations to keep your customers engaged and increase your sales. In addition, it can be challenging to prevent sending emails to the wrong address, spelling names incorrectly or making grammatical errors. Thankfully with automation tools such as CRM, you can autopilot your first outreaches and follow-up messages.

Accurate and Detailed Reports

Reports are incredibly vital for every business, yet they can be time-consuming. For sales, reports are essential as they help you determine your progress, calculate profits and loss, aid in decision making, and assist in other areas for analysis. Manually creating these reports is not only time-consuming but also puts you at risk of receiving inaccurate information. Therefore, instead of manually collecting and updating countless spreadsheets after each working day, it is relatively easy to use POS system technology to help you record sales and create accurate reports.

Lead Distribution

A study has shown that calling a lead a few minutes after signing up can significantly increase the odds of responding to your call. Sadly, this isn’t the case for many businesses, and it is more particular with companies that receive leads from several sources like websites, blogs, and social media. It means that leads can remain untouched for several hours or days before being assigned to a sales representative. The gap between when the lead enters your CRM and when your sales representative reaches out can cost you a sale. At this point, your business can benefit from lead distribution and automation.

Several specialized hardware and software resources help your business benefit from automation to save time, money, and resources. By following these tips, you can automate some aspects of your sales process and enjoy its additional benefits.

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Sales Tips: 4 Ways Automation Can Boost Your Sales Process

  1. Hire a real estate stager to make your space more attractive.
  2. Have long-time employees provide their input.
  3. Listen carefully to suggestions and implement the one(s) that appeal most to you.
  4. Be open to testing varying styles of floor plans.
  5. Create a relaxed environment for different teams to communicate efficiently.
  6. Consider having ‘idea boards’ as another way to provide new thoughts.
  7. Encourage a team environment.
  8. Inspire all teams to work together.
  9. Give awards such as a free lunch to the better ideas for moving forward.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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