Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Building a standout brand that attracts our audience requires being deliberately different. Most entrepreneurs defy the conventional approach to business and life. And a small percentage of salespeople, the top producers, seek to differentiate themselves from everyone else.

Passion for making a difference and putting sales on a higher plane are the big differentiators among those building brand recognition. Although obstacles arrive quickly, it is our attitude and motivation that make or break our progress.

My Story About Being Deliberately Different

There are drawbacks to being deliberately different. The majority of people do not understand a different way of thinking. Ridicule is frequently part of the mix. I view sticking with the norm as due to being afraid of climbing out of one’s comfort zone.

Courage and motivation are necessities for continuing growth.

The question frequently asked: Is perseverance against all the odds and wisdom of the day worthwhile? My answer is in the form of another question:

Is it worthwhile to live with regret for the rest of your life?

Experts say we should speak to those who have gone before us to get real-world insights. The honest commentary leads to learning what to avoid and the better ideas for moving forward.

Toward the end of their singing careers, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Elvis each sang, “I did it my way.” The words are moving both in sound and offer much to be learned.

Another question in a previous blog is, Do You Listen to Music to Gain Ideas? 

Ahead of the Curve by Being Deliberately Different

Sometimes it feels as if we need to stop to wait for the rest of society to catch up. Sneers and poor predictions about our endeavors make us cringe. Nevertheless, passion and perseverance are the marks of the successful. Incorporating patience into our long journey ahead will see the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Those remaining in their comfort zone will never experience the ultimate reward as those who are deliberately different.

Does Competition Exist: Yes or No?

I’ve come to realize that competition doesn’t exist because we each embrace a different upbringing, genetic makeup, and approach for business. While similarities may exist, no two people are the same.

Our first job is to own who we are.

Our job is to stand up and do what’s best for each of us and not allow others to push us around. It’s best to use all senses for making final decisions. Common sense is always first. But then there is the intuitive feel, the visionary mindset and listening to a variety of opinions.

The willingness to observe and listen before taking action applies to job interviews and working with desired clients. Being deliberately different is a reward unto itself. For additional insight, read “Do You Intrigue Audiences?” 

One of the best ways to begin building a standout brand is to provide community service based upon your expertise. As you give of yourself, people start to support you and your effort. Community building becomes the ultimate sales goal of a win-win outcome. The turning point is where your community becomes your salesforce by offering referrals and testimonials. 

Your Story About Being Deliberately Different

It’s common to compare oneself to others, although it’s best to leave judgment out of the analysis. For example,

  • Have you ever wondered what all the commonalities are of the people hired in a similar position for a job you accepted?
  • Of those who did best, how did they differ from those that struggled?
  • Did management attempt to bring the better performing together with those who produced less stellar results to enhance a team atmosphere?
Should You Hire People Who Are Deliberately Different?

Company growth requires new hires. Most people who seek out jobs are less creative than the entrepreneurial mindset. Work to accommodate both threads of thinking to have a well-balanced workplace with good team spirit. Team meetings where everyone’s opinion counts do wonders for keeping business on track.

Do You Recognize:

  • The areas you might improve
  • Stand out from most in a particular area
  • How may you capitalize on being different?

Do you also take the time to learn from your errors? Most people give up, but tweaking and re-trying are the golden tickets to success. Pledge to make improvements where needed, and occasionally take a calculated risk.

Last, keep an eye out for the latest developments in your field to remain ahead of the curve. In addition to the sneers, praise will also be yours!

Sales Tips for Being Deliberately Different
  1. Compare your weaknesses and strengths to others in your field.
  2. Determine where your unique strength resides.
  3. Market and promote your unique delivery to prospective clients.
  4. Discuss your deliberately different approach with clientele.
  5. Continue to add novel ideas that complement your original service.
  6. Consider the service providers below to assist in your growth.
  7. Allow negative comments to motivate you to the next best idea.
  8. Be patient for the dots to connect to gain acceptance.
  9. Maintain a proud but humble presence in front of those who doubted you.
  10. Celebrate Success!

These sales tips are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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