Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

It takes talent to create tag lines that intrigue our audience enough for them to remember us. Good humor helps attract further interest in what we have to offer. Whether you pay for help to get the word out or do it yourself, there is a need to arouse curiosity.

My Story to Intrigue Audiences

Over the years, both greeting cards that feature funny pictures and smart advertising campaigns caught my attention. Recognizing what captivates me, I copied the idea to the best of my ability. In the sales arena, I was having so much fun that it didn’t seem to be much of an effort to get good results. Even better, I was able to attract clients who similarly view humor.

A tagline on a truck put the same strategy to work to intrigue prospective clients. And for me, the line produced a hearty laugh. The tagline is for a brand of onions. It reads, “Our customers shed tears of joy for our onions!”

Fond memories came to me as I recalled the humorous flyers I would send out to clientele. One of my favorites was a picture of a woman floating in a swimming pool. The inner tube she was on also supported her laptop. My caption read:  “Keep your business afloat ~ call me!”

Sending one funny flier per week for three weeks in a row would then have me calling prospective clients. Almost every single person thanked me for sending the fliers as they brightened their day. I was then invited in for appointments. To my astonishment, the three fliers and more would be showcased throughout the offices. My competitors gave up.

I never suggest that people give up their effort. Instead, give thought to what you enjoy most when contacted by others. Tweak the strategy to include your style for future communications.

What stands out most for clientele, is that our unique personal brand draws attention and intrigues our audience. For boosting sales, it is creative thought goes a long way. For added insight read, Do You Buy Shoes? and Do You Use Communication Strategy?  

Your Story Groomed to Intrigue Audiences

Most businesspeople dread making cold calls or networking with people they do not already know. They merely look at the situation from their perspective. Focusing on oneself is very limiting and produces poor results.

Take time to consider if you work to relax the relationship between yourself and those you meet. Being in the moment gives way to enjoying the conversations.

Do You:

  • Begin from your prospect’s point of view
  • Use general and tasteful humor to produce a laugh and settle nerves
  • Seek out the commonalities between you and your prospects
  • Encourage heartfelt conversations
  • Develop long-term bonds between you and your clientele?

Most salespeople overlook all of the above. They view the suggestions as a waste of time. Instead, they pound people for the sale. It’s almost a 100% statistic that no one enjoys being hounded for the sale. If anything is a waste of time, it is conveying that the client needs to buy now while there is still time.

So many other suppliers exist that the idea comes across as phony. The only thing it will accomplish is to be thrown out of the account.

The better approach is to relax and ask clientele what’s on their mind.  The discovery is made easy by asking:

  • Why did you take the time to speak with me today
  • What specifically caught your attention
  • How do you believe I may be able to help?

Incorporating all of the above into your sales process will intrigue your audience. Your sales funnel will fill with the right prospective clients and reduce the stress of wondering ‘Will I or won’t I gain their business?!

Sales Tips to Intrigue Audiences
  1. Use humor where and when appropriate
  2. Speak from the other person’s perspective
  3. Take an active interest in what you hear and ask further questions
  4. Be yourself in meetings to come across as genuine
  5. Speak as if you are with potential friends
  6. Inquire about previous experiences
  7. Ask how the outcomes can improve in the future
  8. Offer new ideas in question format
  9. After you speak, ask for questions to further the conversation
  10. Celebrate Success!

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