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Many of us are feeling overwhelmed due to circumstances beyond our control. Let’s stop to consider turning around the last sentence.  When events are beyond our control, is it best to fight them or let them go? Unfortunately, many of us allow the stress to build, and then we find ourselves blocked and at a standstill.  The better answer is to let it go.

Frequently, the responsibility is ours for getting out of our way.  Otherwise, the slowdown remains, and the stress increases until we motivate ourselves to resolve the issues and move forward.

My Story

Our remote work environment appears to put a strain on proper connections with our devices occasionally.  I sometimes experience the spinning wheel effect that eats up our time.  And if I am to spend time listening to the news and review the Coronavirus statistics, I can feel my progress coming to a halt.  I have to remind myself to focus on business. And that’s the keyword for anything we want to accomplish, ‘focus.’ 

Long ago, the only sane sales manager with whom I had the privilege of working proved to be an excellent coach for all seasons.  He suggested that I keep a running task list of the must-do’s never again to waste time trying to remember what comes next.  The one suggestion saves hours per week. It will keep all of us from feeling overwhelmed.

And before I sit down at the computer, I review notes to confirm the day’s priorities.  Recalling previous conversations, I consider introductions to make, the messaging I want to share, and how the day’s activities will lead to my year-end and future goals.  Goal setting and attainment are forever constant.  My system will incorporate revisions of the original goals as I near their completion. 

Last, I always work toward the long-term as strategies and technology frequently change.  As I read up on the articles, I contemplate how I might revise products and services that are forthcoming.

My calendar is up to date for the many phone and Zoom appointments.  An alarm is set for each meeting, only a few minutes earlier for punctuality.  With a focus on my clientele, I never did the traditional ‘dialing for dollars’ and never will. Instead, I check in to see how my prospective clients are doing and what is new on their end. The conversations always begin with the client and their perspective.

The discussions are typically joyful and often prove to be meaningful.  My bonus is in not allowing outside circumstances to drag me down. Being prompt and freely exchanging stories with my clientele further builds the relationship, trust, and future sales.

On the off-chance I do get caught up with technology going haywire or news I don’t care to hear, I’ll call a business friend to learn what they are doing at the moment.  An exchange of ideas for furthering business always puts us in a lighter mood.  And then we are motivated to pick up where we left off.

Throughout the day, I intersperse working the social media platforms to break up projects that require a more concentrated effort. I always have one large project to tackle that will take potentially months to complete.  And I do my best to include my community as a two-way street where we help one another.  The excitement of each work in progress adds to the motivation to continue going forward. 

As new partnerships develop and projects complete, I find happiness in continuing the momentum and looking forward to tomorrow and what the days ahead may bring. It helps to eliminate feeling overwhelmed.

As I write today’s blog, the lyric from ‘Annie’, come to mind:

The sun will come out tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
There’ll be sun

Just thinkin’ about
Clears away the cobwebs, and the sorrow
‘Til there’s none 

When I’m stuck with a day
That’s gray, and lonely 
I just stick out my chin
And grin, and say, oh

The sun’ll come outtomorrow
So ya gotta hang on’til tomorrow
Come what may

Tomorrow tomorrow 
I love ya

You’re always a day a way

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Your Story:  Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

Looking back to the beginning of 2020, did you find it difficult to adjust to our new living conditions?  Have you been negatively impacted, or are you dealing with remote work and isolation reasonably well?  It was a blow to most people.  Adjustment to a new living arrangement takes time. 

Given that the year is almost over, how would you rate yourself regarding revitalizing your work, passion, and joyful living?  At this point, would you prefer to remain working remotely or return to an office building?  If you are to return to a formal office, will you be up for readjusting once again? Will you welcome teamwork and reporting more frequently to those in upper management?

To maintain the motivation for continuing good work, seek out the one or several elements you most enjoy. Can you somehow work on those elements every day?  And in your quiet time, have new ideas arisen that you would like to begin?  Should the answer be yes, start planning how you might incorporate the new ideas.  You will feel an increase in energy for moving forward.

As you contemplate, ‘tomorrow’think about what you learned and how you adapted during these unusual times.  Did any life lessons come about, and are there some you might like to share with others?  Do you believe the new insights might improve your life for the better?

The questions above can help you examine your thought and lead you in a new and improved direction. Your soul-searching may lead to renewed inspiration to do something grand!

Sales Tips:  Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?
  1. Remain committed to your work
  2. Revisit your goals to revise and perhaps raise the bar a notch or two
  3. Create new projects to keep your mind busy
  4. Treat prospective clients as potential friends
  5. Exchange ideas, frustrations, and new approaches with peers
  6. Review all life lessons recently learned and put them to use
  7. Share your new insights with your community
  8. Find the gold nugget of inspiration in your work to keep the momentum alive
  9. Focus on what is most important to you and your clientele
  10. Celebrate Success!
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