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Attract the Right Job Or Clientele:

Are You Personality Inclusive?

We read and hear about mind-talk and the negative chatter attempting to understand the people surrounding us. No matter where we reside, work, or attend events, we encounter personalities of all types. Some will scoff, while others will listen attentively to what others in their presence say. Those who lead companies and teams will do well to consider and have a conversation with staff about the matter.

One trait develops in some appearing less desirable to conduct a business conversation. Over time, the person taking all spoken and unspoken actions becomes intuitive. They connect the dots of previous experiences to realize the value of remaining or moving along to do things their way. They may appear to be an introvert, but not necessarily so. Time is essential, so they actively seek to be in the presence of people who are personality inclusive. To the astonishment of those who were dismissive, the seemingly intuitive are the ones who make more significant advancements.

The dilemma raises our Blog question, Are you personality inclusive? When we quickly dismiss an idea, a person, or an opportunity to participate in something new, we may miss out on an excellent one. 

My Story

Articles of recent times suggest there are benefits to both the introvert and extrovert types of personalities. Typically, introverts who keep to themselves or do not express their ideas publicly quickly realize dismissal of themselves and their ideas. They generally think more deeply and can see varying sides of an issue. Moreover, introverts are likely to connect the meaning of conversation for ideas to come to mind. Doing so produces a more robust solution.


Extroverts typically shine at events because they are party driven and enjoy showcasing themselves to be front and center. People pay more attention to this group because of the energy and fun involvement. However, for business, it is a more one-sided arrangement that rarely takes into account the insights of others.

The Creative

Then there is the creative personality. This group may spark laughter but, like introverts, are not taken as seriously as extroverts. 

Variety is the Spice of Life

Realizing a wider variety of personality types in addition to a diverse population can open a floodgate of ideas should we be willing to listen and explore. It’s another reason for the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, culturally, and wherever we plant our feet.

Some people possess the talent to connect the dots for everything they see and do, plus with those they encounter. 

In other words, they see potential relationships between each person or element for doing business. Often, it’s a combination of creativity and an introverted personality that thinks a bit more deeply to come to significant realizations. Sadly, only a small percentage of others will give them the time of day, so they march to their beat.

It’s good to remember that the more creative the mind, the more it may wander when in conversation, reminiscing about previous events. The upside of the wandering moment and connecting the past with current experiences can expand a discussion by adding new ideas to the mix. But dismissing others without fully hearing them out is a recipe for not growing business. 

When we make the connections mentally and literally via introductions, those participating may all benefit. Initially, the person making the connection sits back, but the giving later leads to receiving on a similar note. 

Business and personal meetings of all types do well when we carefully listen, ask many questions for clarity and understanding, and then connect what was said to enable new possibilities. Doing so works exceedingly well for selling our ideas and services. The new opportunities that arise unexpectedly due to our creative thinking are even better.

It is our creativity and striving to help others that help us to stand out from the crowd. Developing a unique brand and remaining consistent with it wherever we go and in whatever we do builds our reputation, business, and levels of success. People remember our unique approach and typically will reciprocate, which I refer to as the Boomerang Effect.

The additional benefit to connecting the dots and freely offering assistance is we inspire our audience. Accordingly, business growth becomes more relaxed. It gives way to building relationships with those we meet and naturally builds our sales pipeline. The natural process that produces a returning and referring clientele defines the Smooth Sale!

Your Story: Are You Personality Inclusive?

Now may be an excellent time to reflect on whether you quickly dismiss others or ‘are you personality inclusive?’ Whether you work in a corporate environment or as a small business owner or entrepreneur is an essential question for business. The reasoning is when someone detects another who is dismissing a personality type, especially theirs, it is a point of no return. 

The whole point of business is to garner a large audience and extract a loyal clientele. By limiting the type of people and personalities with which you are willing to work, you are significantly limiting your income to impact your bottom line negatively.

In Conclusion: Are You Personality Inclusive?

Being willing to listen to varying ideas and people with differing life experiences opens the door to many new and unexpected opportunities. Business and life can become very exciting and rewarding when we adapt inclusivity on every level possible.

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Sales Tips: Are You Personality Inclusive?

  1. Now is the time to consider the Yes answer to the question, are you personality inclusive?
  2. Consider whether you typically seek out popular people at gatherings and may miss out on becoming familiar with others.
  3. During events, spend a portion of time with people who appear to be alone.
  4. Ensure all team members know you have an open-door policy in the corporate environment.
  5. Encourage everyone to participate in team meetings.
  6. Model the personality-inclusive ideal for all those present in meetings.
  7. Adapt an open-door policy for staff to feel they can have a safe place to talk.
  8. Create a welcoming environment as patrons visit your establishment.
  9. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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