The best way to attract new audiences is to collaborate!
When you attempt to sell by yourself, you only have your own audience to work with. When you share an effort with another, you are able to attract your prospects, theirs and a new combined audience. But when you have multiple people working toward the same goal and with the same rules for business, you have an exponential audience at large that will be attracted to your combined effort.

The underlying marketing message you put out is that others seek your experience, and you must therefore be an expert in your field. Complementing the collaboration is your willingness to help others without expecting anything in return. With this in mind, today I am sharing exciting announcements of others:

1. Jim Garland, new book: The Practical Guide to Exceptional Living

Jim says, “The principles I share in this book will allow you to learn something instantly that will change your thought process forever. Whether you are a wealthy business person, a college student, a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur or an employee, The Practical Guide to Exceptional Living will change how you think about your life and your future.” The Mark Victor Hansen Foundation is the benefactor of this huge promotion from which we are raising over $10,000. The Mark Victor Hansen Foundation advances literacy.

2. Colette Feinberg, Seasoned Business Coach and 4 time cancer survivor hosts Cancer Recovery ~ Navigating your Healing Journey with Love and Compassion’ Register Here. I highly recommend Colette for her insight and professionalism – you will learn much.

3. For more ideas on how to build relationships, enhance your communication skills and increase sales, please consider our Smooth Sale webinar series beginning January 25. Register Here.

Last of all, Smooth Sale is hosting a free-of-charge Webinar this evening at 6:00 p.m. “Heart Based Selling” as an introduction to the series. We are collaboratively producing the workshops with Whispering Energy. You may register here.

Remember, opportunity is everywhere and it multiplies when you work collaboratively with others – making for a very Smooth Sale!

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