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NoteOur collaborative blog asks, ‘Can You Use Secrets Behind A Stress-Free Move?’ 

You may wonder why a business blog is publishing an article about a stress-free move. Our world changed due to the pandemic and will continue to change, affecting how and where we live and work. Changing work and home locations may well become commonplace.  

The U.S. culture most likely is not alone in its desire for collectibles. But when it comes to moving, we question whether it’s wise to pay for the shipping. Stress builds amid concern over what it may be like moving to a small town, across the country, or to a new land. All the while, unexpected expenses may arise, adding to our stress level. And then we wonder how we can continue effectively with our work with all of the background interference?  

Worse, in regards to work, when our stress level increases, the tone of our voice can quickly become unpleasant.  Our prospective clientele becomes less inclined to work with us, and steady clients may turn elsewhere.  For all of these reasons above plus more, I believe the article is essential for many who are or may in the future face stress for an upcoming move.


Secrets Behind A Stress-Free Move

Most people view moving as one of the most stressful experiences a person can have. Some studies even claim that a move is more stressful than starting a new career. While this may not be the case for everyone, it is apparent that moving is a difficult task. By alleviating the stress associated with your relocation, you can devote your time and energy to building a productive and joyful environment to begin your new life and enjoy your home! For our mental health and happiness it is essential to minimize stress as much as possible during the moving process. 

Don’t Rush The Process

Moving is stressful, and it is not a character flaw if you find it difficult. When you move, you may experience feelings of instability and anxiety, which can put a strain on your relationship. Ensure the children are either at school or with a friend if you are moving with your family locally. It may seem counterintuitive given your desire to take the first steps across the door together, but ultimately it is for the best. 

Your lives are changing in terms of familiarity and organization, which may create some friction between family members. Tempers flare, and while it is reasonable, you want your children to be unafraid of the prospect of relocating. If they pick up on the negative energy you are releasing, they may believe that the move is the source of their distress and become frightened and homesick. Accordingly, it will negatively impact focus on your work.

Preparation Is Key

Moving can be stressful, and the to-do list can feel endless. So get a head start on some of the tasks before you relocate. You can reduce some of the stress associated with moving by registering with a new doctor, setting up bills, finding new jobs for a few ideas before you relocate. Doing so also aids with the psychological shift from your previous residence to your new location. 

The goal is to become somewhat familiar with the area ahead of the move. If possible, establish a vision of your new home and work life, plus a routine. And, if at all possible, get yourself and your family acquainted with the new surroundings before you relocate. Again, this will make everything seem a little less frightening and unknown on a momentous day. 

Another option for saving time is to hire a skip. (The term refers to companies that haul trash and junk.) If you are cleaning out your home before moving, consider hiring a skip a few weeks before you want to move. It saves you several visits to the dump. Skip companies will remove the unwanted items and their related contents, so you will not have to worry about that portion of your move. 

Similarly, book a moving vehicle such as at least a few weeks before your relocation. Strive to get your boxes packed up a few days before you leave for your new residence. It will save you from having to cram everything into your suitcase at the last minute. Only the bare necessities for the night before the transfer should remain on the counter for a more likely stress-free move. 

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Sales Tips:  Secrets Behind A Stress-Free Move

  1. Donate items you no longer need.
  2. Consider selling vintage items at an antique store.
  3. Prepare ahead by buying bubble wrap to protect the breakables should you pack them yourself.
  4. To lessen stress, begin packing the non-necessities ahead of schedule.
  5. Prioritize your ‘essentials’ to pack just before the move.
  6. Research pricing among moving companies to compare and contrast extra services, too.
  7. Consider the packing service offers of the moving companies to lessen stress.
  8. Carefully listen as you speak to a representative for their tone and empathy about the move.
  9. Avoid a company that is only out to make easy money; select the one that will protect your belongings for an ‘almost’ stress-free move.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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