Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Creativity gets you in the door relationships seal the deal

Your creative style markets your candidacy for the job or the sale.  While times have changed with security tighter than ever in office parks and large corporations, a few strategies listed below that won the day may generate new ones for today’s world.

  • Greeted administrative staff with candy bars and asked, “I was wondering if you could help me?”
  • Set up a picnic lunch as one would expect, but in a demo room
  • Sent 3 monthly humorous fliers and then called to set the appointment


All of the above spoke to the prospective client’s emotional side.  They were so surprised by the unusual approach and gesture of friendship, that everyone scrambled to help however they could.  Motivation was theirs to provide the names of the decision makers, provide insight of working with the company, and further the conversations.  The executives were astounded that I found my way into their offices. This motivated them to learn how I was different and increased interest in what I was selling.


ProActive Job Seeker

Seeking work today requires creativity too.  An article stated that on average, in the U.S., it takes six months to find work, and that the competition is stronger than ever in our recorded history.  Focusing on your strengths and interests to find the better-matched job will greatly increase your chances for securing something more to your liking.  The opportunity often missed, is to potentially create a new position tailored to your desires.

For example, due to Charlene’s entrepreneurial experience, her resume continued to attract insurance, financial management and real estate companies.  At her stage in life, studying to obtain a new license is not something to her liking.  Frustrated by so many such requests, Charlene suggested to one recruiter that she be reconsidered as a mentor for the new people coming into the company.  The idea was well received and Charlene is very close to receiving a job offer.


Creativity turns heads to help get you in the door.  The bigger picture of attaining a sale or a job is to get into the mindset of the other party. 

  • Why is help needed?
  • What is it about your credentials that is of interest?
  • How may you apply your talent to help them solve their problems?  

Once you are able to speak to those issues all the while building trust and the relationship, you will be far more successful in earning the job or the sale. 

Practice makes perfect to become the Smooth Sale!

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