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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele: 

Note:  Miriam Tovar provides today’s guest Blog, ‘Do You Create Customer Loyalty with Outstanding Online Order Packaging?’

Increase client satisfaction with your online order packaging.

Packaging Attracts Clientele!

Miriam Tovar is Marketing Manager for Chicago Tag & Label, which manufactures custom forms and labels. Tovar has 12 years of experience in the industry and focuses on delivering innovative print solutions to a broad range of sectors, including retail, e-commerce, distribution, and medical.


Create Customer Loyalty

Through Outstanding Online Order Packaging

The online purchasing experience can be an impersonal one. The seller and buyer rarely interact one-on-one, and communication is often through email or other online messaging platforms.

Customer loyalty is essential for small business owners, who often rely on return customers for a portion of sales. This lack of in-person contact can make creating lasting connections with their customers difficult for small business owners who operate online. 

Standout online order packaging is one way to make a positive first impression that draws customers back time and time again. This guide will help you master online order packaging to create a strong brand impression and improve customer loyalty.

The Importance: Create Customer Loyalty

When we create customer loyalty it becomes the way to increase profits while saving on spending. Harvard Business Review experts stated that acquiring a new customer costs a business 5 to 25 times more than retaining an existing customer. That also means that your competitors pay more to win over your customers than you do to maintain them.

Creating customer loyalty can result in additional sales from existing customers, encourage testimonials, and influence referrals. The experts at Forbes stated that the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70 percent. The possibility of selling to a new customer is just 5 to 20 percent.

This loyalty also sparks sales via word-of-mouth, especially for small business owners. Twenty to 50 percent of new purchases can be attributable to word-of-mouth marketing.

How Your Online Order Packaging Can Help

Packaging is far more than packing paper, a box, and a shipping label. It is the making of a lasting first impression. Adding a little extra can be the difference between winning and losing a loyal customer.

Four Simple Ideas to Help Your Shipments Stand Out:

Personalization: A personalized note is one way to connect with your customers, especially because you’ve probably never met them in person. A hand-written note takes just a couple of minutes to complete, and it gives your customers a sense of appreciation and value.

Stylish packaging: You have one chance to make a lasting first impression on your customers, so thinking about how your packaging makes your customers feel is worthwhile. Use high-quality packaging that is aesthetically pleasing and matches your brand values.

Coupons and discounts: Coupons and discounts offer incentives for your customers to come back and make purchases at lower prices. A simple discount of 10 percent on the next purchase can be the difference between a customer returning to you or shopping elsewhere. Create client loyalty at every step along the journey.

Small gifts: Offering a small gift that relates to your brand, such as a locally made candy or a sample product, can be the little extra something that makes your buyer feel special

Make the Change

Online order packaging is more important now than ever. More than 2 billion people currently shop online; roughly 230.5 million are in the United States. Expectations are that the numbers will increase in the coming years.

In conclusion, there’s no better time than now to update your small business’s online order packaging and create customer loyalty that includes a returning and referring clientele.


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Sales Tips:  Do You Create Client Loyalty with Outstanding online order packaging

  1. Consider first what your clients want to see and receive.
  2. Establish a plan for meeting online order packaging expectations to create client loyalty.
  3. Create surveys to encourage feedback and new ideas regarding online order packaging.
  4. Ensure your deliveries are timely.
  5. Provide discounts for ongoing purchase of the same item to further create client loyalty.
  6. Establish an easy return policy should the order not measure up to expectations.
  7. Save the order history for each client to make future orders easy.
  8. Allow for online customer ratings of purchases.
  9. Create client loyalty with outstanding online order packaging.
  10. Celebrate Success!


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