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Governing bodies provide examples of how business leaders should update procedures. Witnessing what does and does not work for leadership can improve teamwork among employees, improve negotiation skills, and strengthen brand identity.

My Story

Sales came easily to me because I always asked for the perspective of others first. And when something was omitted but was common sense for me, I would ask, ‘have you ever considered…?’

The best way to get a viewpoint across is to inquire without imposing.

Going for the jugular never turns out well. Instead, asking appropriate questions will move the process forward.

The exchange of insights paves the way for a diplomatic negotiation of ideas. Interest builds in both the representative and the conversation. As the dialogue develops into apparent need, including closing the loop on problems, one question prevails.

What is the cost of not fixing the problem?

For example, should a company have a turnover problem, the cost of hiring, employees quitting or receiving notice, and the re-hire along with new training can be prohibitive. So many companies are backward with procedures. Morale dives only to create ‘the revolving door syndrome.’

Negotiation and diplomacy come to mind as I consider the stories surrounding us. One story and one experience follow to exemplify the need to examine current procedures in place.

Story #1: Upside down state of affairs and well-being

I grew up in Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood and beautiful beaches. It was with dismay that I was updated about the social problem in the land of Oz. Homelessness is a problem everywhere but more so in L.A., in part due to the warmer weather.

According to one source living in Southern California, the area near UCLA has become overwhelmed with people living on the streets and asking for help. The crowding and call for help have also adversely affected Santa Monica. Homelessness doesn’t stop there. In foggy and damp San Francisco, the numbers also continue to grow.

On the positive side, when situations become so bleak, people tend to be more likely to negotiate a workable solution. It usually takes a Grassroots solution to create change.

This September 11, AARP will be assisting seniors on the D.C. Mall. To understand the magnitude of the problem and to help, please read the article. 

Story #2: The frightful new procedure for senior medical help

Seniors are entitled to an annual exam. To my surprise and upset, I have learned that seniors are only able to visit with a medical nurse advisor who takes notes and offers insights.

The primary care doctor is no longer part of the equation. A second appointment is to be requested for the same day. The doctor will then decide if there is a good reason and if time allows. The system needs overhauling on many levels.

No matter the circumstance, the expense of waiting to fix problems is exponential compared to taking immediate action. We see issues every day, how we collectively handle them makes all the difference.

When matters are of a personal nature, it is crucial to speak up!

On this note, I had the pleasure of Phil Gerbyshak interviewing me on Facebook Live. He asked for examples of how and why I spoke up in the corporate environment. 


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Your Story About Updating Procedures

Procedures can apply to paperwork, hiring, and training, taking on partners or building a business. Habits and attitude also come into play. The worst is when people tell themselves, “it will take care of itself” or “it can wait.” Most often what is holding one back will help dig a hole that one cannot escape. Occasionally, the desire to get to the next phase of life comes to mind. An idea repeats itself, but a plan of action never gets put into place. The question becomes, do you desire to remain as is or proceed to the next phase? Do You:

  • Make excuses for not quickly fixing issues
  • Speak to your trusted core group of people for ideas 
  • Imagine improvement 
  • Stand up for yourself when things don’t add up correctly
  • Allow the frustration to motivate you in finding a solution
  • Update your procedures?
  • Methodically working on problems as will minimize wasted time and cost. Time and money are the essential ingredients for making a sale.Therefore by assisting your clientele to save on the same, you will be the one who earns more business.
Sales Tips to Update Procedures
  1. Visualize or capture the broadest solution of all
  2. Detail all pieces to make the grand vision occur
  3. Get advice from peers
  4. Ask employees to give their ideas
  5. Discuss all possibilities with partners
  6. Compare the plans and costs involved
  7. Do a side by side comparison of the price for remaining as is
  8. Create a list of steps for implementing the solution
  9. Every six months examine where you are and what needs to change
  10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

Whenever you believe a plateau is achieved, seek out help for getting your next climb in order!
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