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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

Most of us will occasionally take a shortcut to drive to a destination, if at all possible.  But taking a shortcut for business can open up a floodgate of issues that we did not anticipate.  The worst outcome is when a client angrily dismisses the possibility of doing business.

If we agree that ‘Trust is the soul of sales and all else that we do,” then we need to put on the brakes when someone suggests we take a shortcut. More importantly, should management dictate, ‘don’t bother doing…’ despite knowing that the matter is essential, we need to speak up.

Speaking requires a communication technique all on its own.  Sometimes we need to brace ourselves to eliminate the anger that we want to pour out of our mouths.  But nasty words never solve anything.  However, what throws people off their guard is to speak firmly yet softly deliver the verbiage with a smile.  Most often, people do not know how to reply to such delivery and will walk away.  I view the reaction to my response as a signal to do as I believe to be best.

My Story

Early in my sales career, I realized that prospective clients wanted to get to know me before seriously considering a purchase.  And a public speaking class taught me to be professionally personal.  The salesmen, comprising the rest of the team, were astonished that I would laugh with prospects on the phone.  The manager was upset because I spent so much time on each appointment. Even worse, according to them, was the fact I foolishly wasted time sending handwritten thank you notes to each new client. 

After much ridicule for the way I was handling my clientele, I spoke up at a meeting by using a question and a smile.  I innocently asked if what I’m doing is a waste of valuable corporate time, then why are people buying from me and not so much from other team members? Frustration on management and the team members’ faces was evident, but there was no comeback to get me to stop working my way.

Through the years, I would hear salespeople claim that their clientele’ requirements were too time-consuming and not necessary.  They never connected the dots as to why they were losing sales to competitors.  When prospective clients see us take a shortcut, they realize only the sales and commission matter to the representative, not the client care.  My differentiator was to view the time-consuming requests as a test to see if the client-to-be can count on me. 

I took the extra client care a step further.  I would check in with the person to ensure we delivered everything that was needed.  My bonus for the ‘almost certain client’ was to inquire if they might require anything else. And then I would let them know that I was doing everything in my power to make the transition to our company a smooth one.  My process earned client trust.

I could hear people gossiping about my conversations and wasteful time spent in the sales area for representatives. But, they were the ones to take a shortcut. Month after month, most failed to meet their quota. Before the end of the year, many needed to seek new work.

Thoughtful consideration of your clients and their unique needs is the sales differentiator.

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Your Story:  Do You Occasionally Take A Shortcut?

One evening, or over the weekend,  review your success to date with securing and growing business.  In your review, admit to the fact if you do take a shortcut on occasion.  Should the answer be positive, then analyze whether the potential business was affected by the shortcut.  You may want to consider revising your approach to improve your overall results.

Time-consuming tasks to review:

  • Database entries are prompt
  • Follow-up is on alert and punctual
  • Conversations are in-depth, professionally personal, and meaningful
  • Meetings of all types are professional and enjoyable
  • Inquiries of the client at the end of every exchange, ‘is there anything else you want to know or need for making your decision?’

Most sales trainers and representatives use the term, ‘close the sale.’ But that can put a negative spin on the entire process and discourage further business.  In your review, come to terms whether you are closing the sale but not the door.  Are you earning a reasonable percentage of repeat business?  All of the above contribute to performing well.

When you take a shortcut, try to keep it connected with driving, not your client.  

When you strive to earn credibility and trust, you have a far better chance of achieving the sale.

When salespeople begin to use the phrase, ‘earn the sale,’ instead of ‘close the sale’ or ‘assume the sale,’ results improve.

Our mindset sends hidden messages to the people with whom we meet. Accordingly, they can detect when we are doing our best or attempting to take a shortcut. I believe the word, karma, comes into play. What you put out into the universe comes back many times over. Instead of focusing on taking a shortcut, concentrate on earning a sale and continuing business for the long-term.

Sales Tips: Do You Occasionally Take A Shortcut?
  1. Keep your CRM up to date
  2. Continually check off completed tasks and add new ones to the list
  3. Be punctual in every regard
  4. Verify the client is happy with your responses 
  5. Accommodate prospects with their requests for additional information
  6. Recognize you are being tested on early customer service response
  7. Continue to build credibility, trust, and the client relationship
  8. Be professionally personal on all levels
  9. Set a schedule for occasional check-ins after the sale
  10. Celebrate Success!
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