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In our youth, it is not easy to own who you are. The task is especially difficult when our thought is the opposite of what is popular. But as we get into a career, owning our personality becomes our personal brand. People identify with how we portray ourselves.

My Story

Suburbia is where we raised our family. The chaos of careers, juggling schedules, and household duties left us in need of finding calm. Everyday activities put us in the center of a group of people. Some were strongly opinionated, and it was difficult to be in their company. Often, we kept thoughts to ourselves.

In the early days, I only spoke up when the need arose. As much as I tried to please people, it was never enough. I finally saw the writing on the wall. I then chose to follow my desires.  Being me without excuse gave me peace of mind.

Let the world know who you are by embracing your unique talent.

Upon becoming an entrepreneur, I learned to own my personal brand. It was a sigh of relief to finally surround myself with similar-minded people.  We push the envelope on personal development and set far-reaching goals. And the offer of help for one another is always on the table. 

Entrepreneurship offers us the opportunity to be among the highly motivated.

The following traits exist among the motivated:

  • Recognize our talent alongside the need for help 
  • Freely share personal stories of the good and bad
  • Have enough confidence to listen to and discuss the perspective of others
  • Continually educate oneself while climbing to the next level
  • Occasionally hire a mentor

In the early stages of my career, I would become frustrated not being able to perform technical tasks. I learned to accept what I do not know and ask for help.  Working with a mentor provided the insight and knowledge for advancing more quickly.

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The above suggestions complement one another. Once you own who you are, there is freedom in sharing the stories. As you share your experiences, you recognize accomplishments along the way. Confidence builds. Further feeding into building self-esteem is the continuing education. What matters most is knowing we each did our best and own who we are.


Your Story ~ Own Who You Are

We can all take a lesson from social media and marketing for attracting interest in what we have to say. Most people suffer from a lack of confidence and the fear of not being liked. Our world improves when we surround ourselves with like-minded others.

Consider the Twitter platform and how followings build over time. The practice is to tweet your insights or favorite photographs. Those who like your posts will share them with their followers. Many will also choose to follow you.  The attraction is natural and allows you to own who you are. In the process, offers of collaboration and new clients come your way.

Habits predict our outcome.

Do You: 

  • Attempt to please everyone
  • Agree to tasks that take time away from your projects
  • Feel like a servant to others
  • Speak up when you aren’t in agreement
  • Seek out people who will motivate and encourage?

Should you recognize a habit is out of sync with what you wish to accomplish, promise yourself to change. Keep track of the improvements you experience. Once on a steady path, remain motivated for making improvements. Over time, confidence will build and so will further success.

Sales Tips ~ Own Who You Are
  1. Recap all the negativity to find common factors among the remarks
  2. Single out the areas you enjoy that are not in favor
  3. Capitalize on what brings you excitement
  4. Strengthen the areas of your passion
  5. Build your personal brand
  6. Seek help for what doesn’t come naturally
  7. Put daily education at the top of your list of to-do’s
  8. On social media provide postings of what interests you most
  9. Grow followings and a close-knit core group
  10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

Whenever you believe a plateau is achieved, seek out help for getting your next climb in order!
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