Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Too many stories of former businesspeople have been retold that they did not believe in what they set out to do. Consequently, they look back on their lives with regret. Their pain is in not sticking up for what was best for them in the long run. Unfortunately, they now focus on what could have been.

Our top priority is to retain concentration on our purpose. Our clientele quickly recognizes who we are and for what we stand. Those who are similar-minded will come to know us better and appreciate who we represent. By being ourselves, we attract better partners and clients into our lives.

Believe In You
In a world filled with ‘you should,’ the only should is to follow your heart and mind. For example, in my sales career, my joy was in the personal conversations I had with my clientele. We exchanged experiences, found humor in our collective stories, and only then moved on to the business portion of the meeting.

One Sales Manager was livid seeing me in action with a prospective client. As we drove toward the office, he threatened my job if I didn’t begin selling like everyone else. Back in the office, he firmly restated, “Do you understand you are to change your way immediately?”

I said, “Yes, but first please answer this question. If I’m doing everything completely wrong, can you explain why I’m always at the top of the sales scoreboard?” He couldn’t look me in the eye. My clientele, on the other hand, referred to me as a ‘breath of fresh air’ while inviting me back for more meetings and additional sales.

As an entrepreneur or one who is seeking a new job, come to terms with your motivation. You may receive tests on your limits, truthfulness and innovative approach. Passing the test brings you to higher ground and a more lucrative market.

A diversity of both opinion and team members direct you to a broader clientele

Everyone experiences the good and the bad offering tales to share. And in one way or another, everyone possesses decision-making capability. An excellent strategy and frequent tie-breaker over competitors is eliminating the totem pole syndrome.

Recognizing everyone has something to offer led me to a better way of communicating. Upon hearing an opposing viewpoint from either a client, friend or peer, I first ask of their experience to understand how they came to that belief. Often, the inside knowledge proves to be the better training ground.

Entrepreneurship requires a dedication to continued learning. Otherwise, settling into a comfort zone will also kill business. Be willing to learn from everyone and every experience. Stubbornness turns into motivation and determination for remaining ahead of the curve as we hold firm that we can do it.

Commit to:
• Collaboration
• Formal and self-education
• Trial and error
• Learning from failure
• Revision of your plan whenever necessary

Assumptions most often prove to be incorrect.

At the very least, hearing out the experience of others gives insight on the best way for us to proceed. As a volunteer, I recently sat down for lunch with only one other person at the table. I asked the gentlemen what he did for the organization.

Taken aback, I heard him say with arrogance, “I build relationships within large corporations and introduce the executives to this organization. But I won’t go into detail, because you wouldn’t know anything about this.”

Had the person not assumed my ignorance, we might have had a conversation beneficial for both the two of us and the organization. I could have mentioned that I’m the one who wrote the book on the topic, but that would have produced heated words. Instead, I departed with a smile on my face. I saw the experience as another training module in the making.

Being open to varying perspectives, and without judgment, broadens our scope while opening many more doors.

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Sales Tips: Believe In Your Purpose

The following strategies while holding your future vision in mind, will get you to goal:

  1. Every morning give yourself a pep talk
  2. Treat everyone as an equal
  3. Learn from all experiences
  4. Learn from each person you encounter
  5. Expand your thinking by asking questions
  6. Focus on your goals and vision
  7. Each evening review the top events of the day
  8. Adjust your plan to succeed more quickly
  9. Reset your long-term vision
  10. Celebrate Success!

“Never give up but find a better way.”

In the end, you will be the one who celebrates success!

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Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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