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Work schedules and everyday duties typically do not allow for us to see a new beginning. But with the necessary social distancing and establishments shut down, many of us have extra time on our hands. It’s great to catch up on personal calls, and attend to tasks that we held off for ‘someday.’ But all of this wears thin as our passion isn’t there.

Companies, entrepreneurs, and communities can seize the opportunity of extra time by extending extra help to those they typically serve. One example is that of a community that extended its partnerships with varying suppliers to their clientele. With their residents in mind, they reference the in-home participation as lifestyle learning.

The people in charge were able to gain agreements for providing online classes on many topics. In the mix are on-demand fitness, one-day learning classes, activity kits for children, access to new free movies, and further advice on how to remain healthy. The collection of free services is the epitome of value-add service for their clientele.

My Story

The community noted above provides their residents an opportunity to move from isolation to see a new beginning of possibility. Rather than sitting with gloom and doom, they gave way out of the negative for their residents. I was equally impressed that the Smithsonian Museum organization aligned with others to provide a free virtual tour for a variety of museums around the world. 

The verbiage on their website includes: The Vatican Museums (pictures here), the Anne Frank House, and the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City are among the many cultural institutions with online offerings. (Getty Images)

I’m particularly excited about the National Museum of Anthropology as I visited it long ago as a teenager. Two years later, I graduated with a degree in Anthropology. It will be exciting to revisit the museum and see the newer exhibits.

As we take some time for our interests, we realize what captures our mind and excites us. I’m one who will take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Instead of my only taking advantage of offerings, it is equally important to give back; however, we may.

“When we balance giving and receiving, everyone wins.”

The practice affects both our personal and business life. A side benefit is the practice serves to build our credibility, trust, and brand. The right word of mouth spreads and ultimately helps to develop larger audiences. The giving and receiving continue as gratitude is expressed for our help as we see our insights benefiting others. We become a quiet leader in the background, helping people climb their mountain.

As we witness our support in action, new ideas arise for creating additional products and services. We can all benefit.

Collaborative efforts are becoming more popular over time. I am taking advantage of participating with a few, but at the same time, I’m offering my insights, too. Similarly, I am involved with a couple of peer groups for an equal exchange of ideas so that we may each improve our effort. The reward is in seeing each other rise with their newfound capabilities. A bonus is in the new introductions we may make for one another, along with new potential opportunities.

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Your Story:  Do You See A New Beginning?

Should you be wondering what to do with your spare time, listen to your inner voice. What have you always wanted to do but got in the way of responsibilities? It is a convenient time to focus on what matters to you most.





Being fully aware of everything around you, admit to what you wish for while giving thought to your prospective clientele. The traditional sales motto says to speak to your client’s needs, wants, and desires. Take the extra time to focus on the commonalities of the prospects’ mindset. Doing so gives you a creative space for developing new business. For the value-add, what do you believe your audience will especially appreciate?

Can you similarly create partnership programs, some free of charge, to motivate and inspire your collective audiences? Popular ideas include:

  • Free collaborative webinars
  • Host a mock-tail hour for networking and stimulating new ideas
  • Hold collaborative oriented meetings to boost the idea pipeline
  • Ask colleagues for input as to what they would like to experience
  • Create original materials to share with your audience

Now is the time to act on what has been on your mind. Another tip is to review the older files on your computer. You may be surprised by the forgotten content awaiting distribution.

In summary, the cleanup, collaborative effort, and admitting what you prefer to do, might gift you with a new revenue stream!

Sales Tips: Do You See A New Beginning?
  1. Discard effort you do not enjoy
  2. Replace the old with new ideas
  3. Test everything and tweak what does not live up to expectations
  4. Focus more so on your prospective client’ needs
  5. Check-in with clients to ask how they are
  6. Check on your prospects to say you were thinking about them
  7. Relay relevant news of interest to your clientele
  8. Reach out to new contacts on social media for a ‘get-to-know-you’ conversation
  9. Research varying platforms that appeal to you
  10. Celebrate Success!

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