Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Are You Enjoying Good Days?

Admittedly I used to frequently complain about having bad days. There were times in the past when I couldn’t stand my job. On some days technology went south or expectations weren’t met and complaints were expressed.

The problem with all of this is the remainder of those particular days were downers. Evern worse, I may have affected others who were in hearing range.   This certainly isn’t a good reflection on one’s personal brand.

My thinking completely changed 13 years ago, when I recognized what a good day truly may be. For me, it took the miracle of surviving a broken neck to understand the bigger picture.

Lessons Learned:

  • We have the power to decide to enjoy each and every day
  • We may choose to help others
  • We may become the person we envision

Bad days do not really exist except …

In memory of the people who needlessly lost their lives in Paris and on 9/11, thoughts and good wishes are sent to those sadly left behind. These events leave no comparison for bad days as these were horrific.

My reason for writing of these events is due to the Thanksgiving Holiday that citizens of the United States will be celebrating next week. We have much to be thankful for when we are living and breathing.

Change Focus

We may just as easily change our focus to thinking positively. A great place to begin is to focus on helping others in your communities. Doing so does not have to require a checkbook.


  • Share your best content online
  • Donate services to the SBA/SBDC or groups needing your expertise
  • Offer support, testimonials, and referrals
  • Ask others how you might be of assistance
  • As new ideas occur to you, share them

Strength in Numbers

Entrepreneurship of today has paved the way for this to occur. The Re-tweets and re-postings are just the beginning for sharing knowledge and lending of a helping hand. As more people pitch in to help one another, we may positively impact society.

Future Goals

The salesperson’s training to set futuristic goals is one to seriously consider. Maintaining a vision of the person you would like to become along with setting milestones to be achieved makes a huge difference in outcome. You find the motivation to continue and learn not to let the little matters bother you.  Instead, you know you are inspired to find something much more important and educate yourself further along the way.

As the years advance, it will appear as if your journey had been a  Smooth Sale!

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