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As we reasonably deal with the Coronavirus, we are also in need of creatively adapting to future business. Our entire world around us is changing. Technology is leading the way for our new world ahead. The goal is to figure out better strategies for both our everyday life and business while remaining ahead of the curve.

We can view the storm of change as a time to give up because it’s too overwhelming to continue. Or, we can delve into learning about our new era in the making. Our approach to learning and applying what we learn can be vastly different from the majority of people.

Use the strategies that work best for you. The higher goal is to remain up to date, and if possible, ahead of the curve. We can remain ahead of the curve when we subscribe to creatively adapting to future business.

My Story

I am always creatively adapting to future business. Admittedly, few agree with my methods, but as an entrepreneur, selective strategies work for me. Business owners need to be strong-minded to plow forward as they believe to be best. Larger companies do better by encouraging diversity in thinking. Attendees in team meetings will be more likely to contribute creative ideas for potentially better results. Upon prioritizing all of the agreed upon suggestions, it is easier to create a plan for moving forward that most will embrace.

Twitter provides a remarkable collection of information about the latest ideas and trends surrounding technology. The articles and sentiments point to how our lives are affected today and will be in the future. Every industry is affected by what is coming. Although I may not understand the technology in-depth, I can grasp how it will change our everyday life and business approach. By reading many of the tweeted articles, I can get into the process of creatively adapting to future business.


925 Model T Ford

Yesterday’s way of doing business is further behind us than we realize.

The concept brings to mind, the song, ‘Yesterday,’ by the Beatles:

“All my troubles seemed so far away

Now it looks as though they’re here to stay

Oh, I believe in yesterday.”

‘Yesterday’ is a beautiful soul-filled song about romance by the Beetles. We do best when we learn from the lessons thrust upon us. We have a far greater chance for success ahead when we recognize what we need to do and implement the change. 


Strut Your Mutt Grooming

Previous retail shop owners have reversed their direction. They are now visiting their clientele, such as some beauticians provide haircuts in client driveways. And I was surprised by the owner who creatively converted a bus into a grooming salon for dogs. She, too, drives to where her clients live. These businesses adhere to the sales motto,

Make it easy for your clients to say Yes!

Future Tesla 

The media suggests that Tesla is working on a 12-passenger self-driving car. It’s possible to have meetings while being transported to work.

Further aligning with the automotive industry, Visa and Honda demonstrated a new in-vehicle payment system. They have been working in collaboration with the smart parking meter and gas pump manufacturers. Honda drivers will be alerted when they pull up to a beacon-equipped smart meter or fuel pump. They can pay just by touching a button on the dash. You can read the article by clicking this link. 

In the same article, John Scumniotales, general manager at Amazon Alexa Automotive, provides his thoughts.  In the same article, we find that Ford Motor Co. is adding Amazon’s Alexa, the digital voice assistant to its vehicles. The report concludes by his saying, “We believe voice is the future. It will fundamentally improve the way people interact with their car.”

Creatively Adapting To Future Business

Another tweet provides the following news: The St. Moritz Hotel & Spa has revealed its plans to open the UK’s first purpose-designed and built ‘socially distanced’ hotel with a restaurant. The hotel and hospitality industry is working towards an anticipated July 4 reopening.

In summary, no matter the type of business or profession you service, it is essential to be creatively adapting to future business. We have to challenge ourselves always to be learning and willing to take an occasional calculated risk. And accompanying the risks requires a flexible plan that you may adjust as time moves forward.

Determination and perseverance plus service to others is the magic formula that helps us to succeed.

Your Story: Creatively Adapting to Future Business

Do you sometimes feel as if you are in a state of confusion or not knowing how to proceed? Finding yourself amid the unknown can be highly stressful. The best step is to take time away from the office to analyze where you are.

Answer these questions:

  1. What do you enjoy doing most, and will it align with future transactions?
  2. How can you embrace new technology to improve what currently works well?
  3. How can you expand updated offerings to remain in business for the long term?

Last, how can you reset your long-term goals for others to witness you creatively adapting to future business? The question is important as it contributes to developing your brand. As your personal and business brands become known, recognition and business dramatically increase as does your success.

For all of the above reasons, the one strategy to seriously consider is creatively adapting to future business. 

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Sales Tips:  Creatively Adapting To Future Business
  1. Make it a habit to analyze where you are and where you want to go.
  2. Determine what works well and what needs to delete.
  3. Decide how you can upgrade what works well to new technology and future business.
  4. Seek out potential collaborators with a similar mindset.
  5. Host discussions on how you can collaboratively build a more robust service.
  6. Consider what you always wish would exist and how you can make it happen.
  7. Reach out to leaders for learning more about their work and how it may apply to yours.
  8. With the leaders you admire, build a program of exchange featuring one another.
  9. Continue researching, exchanging ideas, and collaborating to boost the likelihood of growth.
  10. Celebrate Success! 
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