The Art of Asking Questions and Delivering Answers

Prior to any meeting, whether a job interview or meeting with a prospective client, review their website and media postings so that you have a good understanding of what the business is about.  Delve further to uncover what the people behind the business are about too.  

Your research pre-qualifies the first question of whether or not the meeting has true potential.

The next step is to review your qualities that have led to your success to-date.  Which achievements are you most proud?  Convert these to two minute snippet type stories to share as appropriate so that the conversation is both business and somewhat personal.  Building likeability works to your favor.

On occasion, dumbfounding questions may be asked or statements made.  The emphasis is usually on presenting large numbers to get the job seeker or entrepreneur excited.  In the case of entrepreneurs, money may be required.  Here are two examples:

1.  "Your commission could be $1,000 per month because we pay $1 per sale!"

Response:  "How long do you believe it will take to make 1,000 phone calls?"

2.  "Contribute to our online magazine selling for $10 as it reaches 100s of thousands of business owners"

Response:  "How many copies were actually sold?"  

Note:  The question is do people pay $10 for small online magazines when similar content may be found online for free?  And why would someone contributing need to pay, too?  The reach is meaningless if no one pays; all they see is the cover.

Responses should be direct to the statement or question, delivered with calm and inquiry. Answer these questions with a question.  Demonstrate you need sensibility delivered not pie-in-the-sky opportunities.

Communicating in this manner will lead you to the better opportunities and the Smooth Sale!

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