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NOTE:  Terri Levine is the founder of Heart-repreneur® and provides today’s guest blog, Do You Want To Improve Your Lifestyle?  
Terri Levine assists businesses worldwide with business growth, sales, and marketing. Terri has more than 40 years of business experience, encompassing more than 5,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in various industries. She is a bestselling author of dozens of books, hosts a radio and TV show, and is also a keynote speaker. Terri has a passion for helping businesses to grow by sharing her personal experience gained while building multiple successful businesses from the ground up.
Long ago, although I was in a high ranking position, I knew that deep down, I wanted to improve my lifestyle.  I still remember the day I realized I had lost all of my authenticity.  All of it!  On that day, I happened to have been the president of a national healthcare company.  All my counterparts were male. Unconsciously, I had begun to dress more masculine. I guess I was trying to fit in. I was mostly wearing pantsuits instead of dresses or skirts. 
One night, everything changed. I felt as if I was hit in the head two-by-four. It was a startling wake-up call. Let me share that experience with you.
This male-dominated company was having an event.  After the event, the men decided we would take a walk. We walked into a bar where all the men and I sat and watched sports. They drank scotch and smoked cigars. I did the same thing. I believed I needed to fit in. I wanted to be accepted.
Then, they said we were going to go to another club. I followed. I was chatting away with one of the men and paid no attention as we entered this next club. As we walked in, I realized we had entered into a strip club.  No one thought I’d be uncomfortable. No one cared. I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. 
Facing The Desire:  Improve Your Lifestyle
Upon returning to my hotel room, I sat and journaled, and I cried. Through this process, I realized I wasn’t real. I was hiding my beliefs, desires, and femininity.  It was all due to my believing that I could not make money and be successful as a woman.
Waking Up: Becoming Real
I decided that night to quit my high-paying job and give up the fancy title and income. I no longer wanted to be living in hypocrisy. I consciously decided I would be honest with myself from this point on. The word “integrity” became my mantra.  
Improve your lifestyle with impeccable integrity.
As I reviewed my career in this organization, I felt some pain.  I had allowed myself to become fragmented while not honoring my true self.  
I would no longer stand for the pretense of acting male.  I decided to be myself and to live deliberately. I was determined to create a business that would empower women, direct change, and shape lives.  
Living as a woman and acting male had held me powerless.  Additionally, I had illness, sadness, and I felt fear all the time while establishing less than honest relationships.
Resurfacing: My Transformation
I left my job to begin my coaching-consulting business.  And I let go of the old male version of myself. I rose back into awareness of my true nature.
I found myself and began to honor the real me!  I was shocked by my creative power.  This authentic “Terri” no longer had struggles between herself and the world.
Suddenly every dream I had ever imagined began to take shape. I woke up, inspired each day to help other women define their true selves.
Discovering my limitless potential enabled me to create wealth and success in my relationships, business, and other areas of my life. These are some of the benefits when you work to improve your lifestyle.  It all begins with your life habits.
Going Forward: Being Myself
My mission for the past twenty-six years is to help other women liberate themselves and explore who they are. While I help them develop and grow a business, I work with them from the inside out. As the women discover who they are at their core, their true selves are catalysts.  They accelerate their business goals, relationships, and health goals. 
The best advice is to ignore who the world told you who to be.  Also ignore who you might unconsciously or consciously pretend to be.  Once you discover who you are at your most significant depth, you will realize, how refreshing it is just to be YOU! Being you helps improve your lifestyle.
I believe the better way for each woman on the planet to show up every day is to: 
  1. Be your authentic, beautiful self. 
  2. Know who you are. 
  3. Be authentic, transparent, and one with integrity 
You will always have the power to improve your life and your business. 
The questions I asked myself while in the hotel room alone, as I journaled, were an awakening. The moment in time began with crying.  Soon I realized that I was waking up and becoming deliberate and conscious. I felt fully alive.  And I believe with all my heart these same questions that I journaled that night will serve you to help improve your lifestyle.
Questions To Answer:
  1. Are you finding great happiness with who you are today?
  2. If you are not happy, are you ready to release old restraints?
  3. Does your lifestyle align with your beliefs? 
  4. Does your lifestyle align with the vision you have for your life and your business?
  5. Do you feel as if you are living in integrity with yourself?
  6. Are you ready and willing to experience a more authentic expression of yourself?
  7. Is it time for you to rise above all the fears, frustrations, sadness, guilt, anger, sorrows, and struggles you have faced, or the world is facing?
  8. Is it time to live a more peaceful life?
  9. Is the time now to improve your lifestyle?
Take the time you need to fully reflect on where you are today and where you wish to journey.  My wish is that you also find a way to fulfill the inner you and find much joy in your endeavors.
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