Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Traditional thought influences how we prioritize possibilities. When we pay attention, business practices teach additional ideas for us to consider.

Effective sales appeal to the need, want, and deep down desire of clientele.

My Story

Hearing stories about the stock market crash of the 30’s, including those of the Great Depression, provided many lessons as I grew up.  The worst was about the people jumping out of the windows in New York. As told to me, the bloody chaos was due to the lack of proper planning at many levels.

The main lesson handed down to me;

The benefit of spending is to outweigh the possible setbacks.

I applied the same principal in business before taking on new clients. I always asked, “What do you expect to gain should you decide to purchase?”

Most people will not take the risk by making a similar ask. The reason why people shy away from the inquiry is they don’t believe in the value of what they sell. And if you don’t see the value in what you sell, sales become incredibly challenging.

Clients appreciate the question because they detect the salesperson’s concern for them. Most will provide an honest answer in the hope of moving forward together. Prioritizing possibilities begins with the best possible outcome that will benefit both the company and the people involved.

On the personal level, some of the best business people I know, do not prioritize possibilities for themselves. Three stories follow that exemplify what can go wrong if one does not prioritize possibilities for business or personal planning.

Business and Personal Stories Providing ‘the why’ to Prioritize Possibilities

#1. One company was excited to host a large event for paying guests. But they did not take into account the heavy rain and limited parking. And no thought was given to hiring a parking service for extra help.

On the day of the game, employees and cronies were given the preferred spots for their vehicles. Everyone else was left to fend for themselves – in the mud. No regard was given to the paying guests. Many left the event very unhappy. It’s reasonable to assume that many of the first-time guests will never again return.

#2. Regina is attempting to sell her home so that she may relocate closer to her family. She admires one successful real estate agent and requested her help. The only problem is the agent is not familiar with the area where Regina lives. Consequently, very few visitors have toured the house over the past few months. With the holidays arriving, it’s less and less likely a sale will be made any time soon. 

#3.  Sydney is trying to take care of her husband suffering from declining mental health. He wants to travel the country in an RV while he can. Sydney revealed she might sell their home and purchase an RV so that her husband may have his last wish come alive.

We are good friends, so I asked some tough questions. The asks pointed to prioritizing potential financial issues. Should the RV need repair, it will more quickly eat up their limited cash. And if she spends the equity of her home, there will be nowhere to return.

Similar to a client meeting, the questions were very personal but appreciated. Rethinking the situation, renting the property and borrowing an RV from a friend are now under consideration. Meanwhile, Sydney is examining the pros and cons of all possible approaches to satisfy their need, want and deep down desire.

Take Time to Be the Client

When it comes to personal matters, we need to put ourselves in the client seat. Ask yourself the hard questions. What can you do to experience the best possible outcome? Creating a chart of all possibilities with the pros and cons attached will give you a helpful direction.

Similarly, bring your tried and trusted priorities process into client meetings. You will build greater credibility and trust. Appreciation arrives in the form of additional sales.

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Your Story to Prioritize Possibilities

Wherever you are at this moment in time, consider what you want now and in the long-term.

Do you have:

  • A running list of goals to achieve?
  • A track record for meeting previously set goals?

The answer of ‘no’ to either question suggests consideration be given to improving habits

With the desire to achieve more, neither a job or entrepreneurship has set hours. The highly motivated have to prioritize everything they do. Many types of offers come about, and one has to watch out for those with a ‘guilt trip’ attached. The strong will walk away.

The best way you can help your clientele is by knowing what you want first.

  • Where does your enjoyment for work reside
  • How can you increase the joy
  • What can you add to the mix of possibilities
  • Do you ask the same of your clientele
  • How can you transfer the higher energy into working with prospects and current clients?

As clients see you holding their best interest in mind, they reciprocate by keeping you in mind every time they have a need.

Caring about the client’s best possible outcome is the best business strategy of all.

Sales Tips ~ Prioritize Possibilities
  1. Think through all possibilities (the worst and the best) for every situation
  2. Be a devil’s advocate poking holes at ideas to avoid unfortunate consequences
  3. Ask prospective clients for their preferences
  4. Be willing to revise what you believe will work best
  5. Assist clientele with ‘what if…’ type questions
  6. Work as a team with clients prioritizing possibilities
  7. Together create a new plan that is more likely to succeed
  8. After delivery ask for feedback and have further improvement in the forecast
  9. Model the sales behaviors for personal circumstances
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s blog story is provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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