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We prioritize projects out of necessity, but not everyone does a stellar job. Although some tasks may be essential for others, they do not hold interest for us. Instead, we find other assignments of greater interest.  In turn, the interest motivates and gives way to quicker completion.

My Story

Most often, those gainfully employed have little input for what needs to get done. Employees are familiar with the projects and associated tasks. The only qualifier is that they do not waste time. For salespeople, bonuses are at stake so the motivated representatives will hustle to get it all done.

The problem is the employee who only shows up to collect a paycheck. They hold little excitement for the work or the people. Little excitement gives way to doing a minimal job. In turn, the minimalist approach can see one getting fired.

Entrepreneurship is entirely different when it comes to prioritizing projects. We are independent, and every choice determines our potential income. Stalling is typical when it comes to work that isn’t exciting.  Procrastination takes place when a learning curve lies ahead. It’s no wonder pundits emphasize ‘follow your passion.’

This year has given me many options from which to choose. It was suggested I volunteer for a large organization. The corporation provides excellent resources and classes for its audience.

The idea is appealing, but observations are concerning:

  • The volunteer staff is in need of diversity training
  • Information arrives in spurts and is overwhelming upon delivery
  • Original agreements are not adhered to as one expects
  • Lack of spontaneity
  • Rigid rules

In the meantime, offers on the table have me cheering. Most notable is my long-held dream. Before the term, ‘travel blogger’ was ever created, that is what I imagined for myself. As you can guess, the new possibility has my attention. The next set of priorities in-store include the amount of travel expected of me. Next comes prioritizing the countries of most interest. I am ecstatic realizing my long-held dream is finalizing.

The contrast between the volunteer position versus becoming a travel blogger is enormous. And the enthusiasm level for each dramatically differs. Today was the day for excusing myself from further volunteer work. It is the act of taking a calculated risk in trying the new that excites me.

For a continuing journey of enjoyment, take the path that motivates and excites.  

Your Story to Prioritize Projects

The difficult task at hand is to come to terms with your level of satisfaction for work. Then begin prioritizing events and tasks.  Consider if you are content, or the time has come for change.

Ask Yourself:

  • Are you enthusiastic every morning
  • Each evening do you plan for the next day
  • Do the possibilities lining up excite you
  • Are new ideas continually adding to your pipeline
  • Do you look forward to sharing your news with friends?

Talking about your work with friends is an excellent indicator of your level of satisfaction. Another benefit is observing reactions of the people hearing of your adventures. You may wish to reconsider getting together with those who always show negativity. And for those who provide insights for improving the future experience, prioritize being in their company more often. For additional insight read these blogs:

1. Do You Own Who You Are? 

2. Do You Reflect On the Past to Improve Your Future?

3. Do You Imagine Improvement?

The bottom-line is affected by all of your prioritized decisions. Those efforts that are motivating and enjoyable receive a far more valiant effort. Accordingly, a better job is in the making. The improved delivery grants you greater monetary benefit and rewarding satisfaction.

When you do have an exciting plan ahead of you, with priorities in place, the next step is to create a goal sheet for the year and beyond. Your goal list will keep you on track. And the flexibility allows for a smoother transition into your life. Best of all, you will achieve more in less time and be far happier with your advancement.

Sales Tips to Prioritize Projects
  1. Hold a dream with you at all times.
  2. Create your largest vision imaginable
  3. Establish a yearly goal
  4. Create a six-month goal
  5. Capture monthly goals, six months at a time (times change)
  6. Every month check your list and adjust as you require
  7. As new offers arise, ask all questions on your mind
  8. Determine your satisfaction level with the answers to your questions
  9. Regularly prioritize the activities and time to be spent in which you will participate
  10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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