Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  How to Turn A Bad Day Into A Fond Memory

We all endure bad days from time to time. Even the people who seem to have everything going to perfection face the same now and then.   It’s sometimes tempting to give up or just feel sorry for ourselves. But that doesn’t accomplish a whole lot. In fact, either of these choices will most likely make us feel even worse.

Today began as a normal day, and I was ready to work. But an email received stated that something was done incorrectly. Then a phone call came from an individual who rarely calls. Instead of the normal pleasantries, an annoyed voice let me know that somehow I sent incorrect information. As it turned out it wasn’t true, but the pronouncement didn’t help the direction my morning was headed.


Two more incidents took place to increase the frustration of the day. But then…something changed. I discovered the following steps helped to lift the negative mood:


Make an introduction

Suddenly, my focus changed to helping two people, who I barely knew, but whose work I admire. The woman is young and the gentleman is middle age and they are both very committed to helping children, particularly those that are ill. They also both organize events and work with sports teams. The commonalities are remarkable and so I took the opportunity to introduce them.

Have a quality conversation

“John” called shortly after to let me know he was having the worst day he could remember until he received my email offering the introduction. He revealed what was going on at his end, and I had similar stories from my earlier years to share. I could actually hear his spirit lift as he recognized I understood.  

Offer further assistance

Given the work John does for children who need special attention, I volunteered to publish a blog on his behalf. “Community Friday” became the title of my Friday Blog where I highlight those working for the greater good. Should you or anyone you know fit into this category, I welcome guest blogs.

Connect with a good friend

Check in with a friend who understands you and your business. Exchange your experiences of the day. Talk about your negative experience and how you snapped out of it. You just might help your friend, and by talking it out, the conversation will help you, too.

Have A Good Laugh!

End Result

In the end, your mood will become far more positive and looking forward to tomorrow’s work. With this frame of mind, you will be headed for the  Smooth Sale!

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