Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  To Build Or Not Build Relationships That Is the Question

Two opportunities to join in on leadership meetings were presented to me. Although the topic was the same for both, the themes were vastly different between them.

“To build relationships with clients or – not to be – that is the question.”

I was actually flabbergasted when the belief was expressed that those who choose to build relationships with clientele waste valuable time. This is the exact opposite to my way of thinking. So I asked a highly accomplished sales professional his thought on the pros and cons of building relationships with clientele.

Exceptions usually exist in most cases. My friend could potentially see where relationships aren’t required when you might be selling widgets that are a one-time necessity, for example, halogen bulbs. The relationship isn’t that essential in this case. However, in my opinion, if you want people returning to the store or re-ordering online, a tad of friendliness and care can never go wrong. In fact it just might encourage a returning and referring clientele.

However, it is a completely different scenario when complex sales are involved or you wish to move forward in your career. There is no doubt that sincere relationship building is of the essence. All sales and job promotions are based upon trust and credibility and this circles back to the degree of which you built the relationship.


Perfect Example

On a personal note, I was unexpectedly asked to meet today with a representative. Today was “Alice’s” first day back at work after a week’s vacation. This implies she was facing much catch up work and did not need the meeting. And I altered my schedule to meet with her on a moment’s notice.


The exchanged greeting was friendly and cheerful. The phone kept ringing, but Alice ignored it. Our meeting was her top priority.


Although Alice would make more money on the expensive options, she advised on those that made sense and those that were best left alone. Trust built exponentially hearing her in action.


Many choices were available and could have become complicated. Instead, Alice chose to color code the Yes, Maybe and No categories. My kind of gal, and I walked away happy.

End Result

Would I recommend this person to the right perspective clientele? Absolutely yes! This is the end result everyone should desire and work toward.

By building rapport, trust, and credibility, you build the relationship and larger sales. The bonus becomes a larger clientele due to the referrals and testimonials offered by each client. This is the definition of the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

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