Building A Strong Brand

The topic today arose due to a questionable partnership that "Jackson" just announced.  Although quite aware of the lack of credibility of his new business partner, it was stated that the two will be working together on a project.

No doubt money is the top priority.  While we all need money to live, pursuing money ahead of sound values may lead to a grave error.  The pun intended is use of the word "grave," as this type of pursuit can literally kill one's business.  When the ethics and motives of one partner are questioned, the doubt reflects upon all of the partners involved.  

Likewise upon pursuing a job and uncovering doubt upon interviewing, walk away.  Otherwise you will be in a steep quagmire making you less hire-able elsewhere after the fact.

Be mindful to maintain solid relationships with trustworthy parties in order to preserve your credibility and brand.  In this manner, you will attract far greater opportunities, referrals and testimonials.

Establishing your own trustworthy personal brand lends to building a strong business brand and enjoyment of the Smooth Sale!

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