Entrepreneurship is for the Hearty

The first year I was in business I wondered why I ever bothered.  It felt as if I were banging my head against the wall.  The second year wasn't a lot better and so I felt worse not seeing much advance in all of my hard work.  In fact it took a number of years to be able to proudly announce any victory at all.  

There were days when I mentally told myself, "I quit" so that I could get a good night's sleep.  But I have never quit anything that I undertook.  Stubbornness is a curse and a blessing.  Some call it perseverance.  

Persevering will get you past the dark tunnel and once again into the sunlight.  The funny thing about it, once I made it past the first tunnel, I knew I could more easily face new tunnels of the unknown.  They didn't bother me nearly as much.  In fact each year became easier than the previous.  I learned others saw my subliminal marketing communication message as nothing will deter me.

Where are you in your journey?  It's of the essence you get the help you need to move forward.  Whether you are job hunting, going on an interview, or trying to building business and conquer the sales process, you need to be willing to invest in yourself to move forward at a quicker pace.  This interim period is the "investment" of time and money.  

Forging your path puts you in the leadership position.  Your payoff comes at the end when you secure the right job or the right client and sale. 

Out of all this wild entrepreneurial experience, I realized my greatest reward is recognizing that once I set my mind to accomplishing something, I am able to get it done.  It may not be a direct path as there are almost always ups and downs, but eventually I get there.  

As we each look back, we prove to ourselves that yes, we can succeed – and that's very powerful.  Once you get to the mindset of appreciating where you are in your journey – all else becomes a very Smooth Sale!

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