Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Money Conversations Made Easy

Money is equivalent to food in that we are dependent upon both. However, most people find it easy and fun to talk about food while many are almost scared to death to speak of money. And the problem appears to affect more women than men.

The worst part is our livelihood is dependent upon the subject. Job seekers need to ask for a higher salary than what is offered in order to negotiate something reasonable, and entrepreneurs need to ask for reasonable fees for their time devoted to serving their clients.


Make Asking for Money Easier

  1. Purchase and Observe

Observe others making the sale to you, the buyer. See how they approach you, interest you, ask questions, provide suggestions, encourage you to choose, and then…ask for the money.

In some cases, you will not appreciate the way you are spoken to while in others you are motivated to spend as much as possible. Seriously consider the techniques of the latter and how you might adapt to your unique style.

  1. Speak with Confidence

Prior to meetings, practice speaking in front of a mirror. Tell yourself two minute stories of your past experience. Then ask your image, “Is this the type of person you would like working for you?” Nod and reply with a smile, “Great, I’m asking only, $200,000.” Keep repeating this exercise until it becomes comfortable to ask for a realistic amount on the interview.

  1. Research Buying A Car

Car dealerships are the best places to practice your newfound skill. One day you may actually want a car, so you can legitimately say you are doing your homework to learn which model will fit in with your image plus your budget. On this note, it will be fun seeing what is presented to you and comparing how you do as you move from dealership to dealership. You just might wind up with a great deal on a car!

  1. Budget

When in conversation about anything with friends, peers, clients, at the right time, someone will be talking about a purchase. Innocently ask, “What’s your budget?” Friends and peers may be surprised but will usually gladly share. This is the one question that needs to be asked of clients in meetings to eliminate wasted time.

  1. Interviews

Hiring managers admire those who believe they deserve a higher salary. Do research to find the average earnings for males in your area (they earn more) and ask for that same sum. Remind the hiring manager of your research (not mentioning gender) and why you are the top talented candidate. Admiration will be directed your way. You may not get the entire amount but it will be improved over a lesser amount that was about to be offered.

Practicing asking for money will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews, Career Press

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